The NSMC is the proud sponsor of an Award for Excellence in Social Marketing which will be awarded at the University of South Florida Social Marketing Conference in Tampa in June 2018.

The award is provided for a project which has used the tools and principals of social marketing to impact on the health of the public. The award - an engraved glass award - will be presented on Friday, 29th June at the Conference.

The previous winner of the award in 2016 was Robert John for the Oklahoma Nutrition Information & Education (ONIE) Social Marketing Project to increase the consumption of 1% low-fat milk in Oklahoma City.

Below we describe what the judges are looking for in the nominated projects:


  • Focusing on a behavioural goal with your target audience.
  • Using customer insight to drive your project.
  • Demonstrating measurable behavioural outcomes (or a clear evaluation plan developed and currently being implemented if the project is still ongoing).


  • Using social behaviour theory to inform your approach.
  • Targeting your audience.
  • Developing partnerships to engage your audience.
  • Using the full marketing mix.
  • Evidence of sustainability – proving the behaviour influenced or the partnerships created will be maintained.

If you would like to apply for this award, or nominate someone else, please click here to go to the application page. However, please note that time is short and you will need to complete your application by April 19th 2018.

For information about the June 2018 Conference, including the social marketing training courses offered, please click here.