We are really pleased to sponsor the World Social Marketing Conference in Washington DC on 16-17 May 2017 and are looking forward to seeing all our colleagues and friends to catch up on recent developments in the sector.  Since the NSMC organised the first world conference in Brighton in 2008 we have been heavily involved in supporting this important event where practitioners from across the world meet to discuss how we can use social marketing to meet the behavioural challenges that face us all.

We have seen many changes since 2008 most of the them positive and now social marketing is used in many more places and used to tackle many more challenges than ever before.  This year we have worked with our partner organisation Hitch on a breakthrough campaign to reduce prejudice and stigma against asylum seekers in Northern England.  Although we are now just starting the implementation phase of the work, all the signs look good and we are seeing positive changes.  We need to develop more projects like this extending the use of social marketing into new areas to tackle some of the problems facing our societies.

We will be at the conference so make sure you stop us and talk to us about some of the projects that you are currently involved with - we are always looking for examples of good practice to add to our "Showcase" library.