The NSMC has just been awarded a major contract to develop and deliver a social marketing capacity building programme in Jordan with ECODIT.  The NSMC will be helping to implement the Jordan Public Action for Water, Energy and Environment Project under a contract with the United States Agency for International Development (PAP).  The project is a public education and behaviour change communication programme that will lead to increased efficiency in the use of water and energy in Jordan.

The NSMC’s part in the project will be to train a cadre of up to 60 professionals in communication, social marketing and business, changing the culture of up to 12 firms, it will develop a curriculum that will be taught in Arabic and establish the training programme in at least two Jordanian training institutions to ensure the programme continues to be delivered after the initial project is completed.  We will be posting updates on our progress in Jordan over the next couple of months. 

This project is one of the first major projects awarded to the NSMC since its formation as a social enterprise earlier this year. As a not for profit organisation we will be reinvesting surpluses into maintaining and improving the tools and resources for the whole of the social marketing behaviour change sector in the UK and internationally.

If you would like to know more about our work or you would like us help you with your own projects please contact us on 0207 7991900.