The NSMC's latest publication, The Social Marketing Casebook, will be published by Sage on 31 October. The book brings together for the first time a dedicated collection of social marketing case studies and vignettes from around the world.

Each case study is explored from the scoping and research stage right through to evaluation, providing the reader with a complete overview of the most important building blocks in social marketing and how these can be applied to the real world, including:Social MArketing Casebook

  • Insights from the key people involved in social marketing and the identification of the common themes associated with successful social marketing strategies.
  • An international range of cases from the health, environmental and civic sectors, from national and governmental programmes to local, small-budget interventions;
  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole process, from strategy, and implementation, through to the challenges and lessons learned; and
  • Academic exercises, discussion questions and references to reinforce student learning.

The Social Marketing Casebook demystifies social marketing for undergraduate and postgraduate marketing and health studies students, as well as practitioners in government, public institutions, NGOs and private organisations looking to develop more effective social change programmes.

You can pre-order the book online direct from Sage, or from Amazon