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  • John Bromley

    Following our last successful Social Marketing Academy in London in March we have been inundated with requests for the dates of the next academy.  We are therefore happy to announce that the next NSMC Academy will take place on 27-28 September at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) headquarters at Moor Hall in Berkshire.  The accredited CIM course will take place over two days and successful participants will be presented with a social marketing award.  If you are interested in attending you can find Read more...

  • NSMC Launches Health Equity Facebook Page

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 12:43

    The NSMC is working with The Department of Health (England) and The Institute of Health Equity (UCL) to identify and showcase ways in which social marketing can be used to address the social determinants of health inequalities (SDH).

  • The government’s consultation on plain packaging for cigarettes is underway.  I welcome any measure intended to reduce the number of children smoking.  I have two young one’s of my own and certainly wouldn’t want them taking up the habit.


  • The NSMC is working with the Department of Health and UCL’s Institute of Health Equity on a programme of work to address health inequalities in England.

  • The Marketer article on The NSMC Behaviour Change and CSR Conference

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 21:57

    'The Marketer', the magazine for Chartered Institute of Marketing members, published an article earlier this week on The NSMC's recent Behaviour Change and Corporate Social Responsibility Conference. 

    The article used case studies from the conference to look at the increasing number of commercial organisations who use social marketing as part of their corporate social responsibilty programmes.

  • John Bromley

    Vietnam and VIP+ Condoms

    John Bromley, Friday, April 20, 2012 - 13:27

    Steve Menzies and I are just back from a great trip to Vietnam where The Centre has been working with DFID and local partners on a project to increase the availability and use of condoms in men aged between 18-40 who have had sex with a female sex worker in the last three months.  We were working with a number of private sector firms in Vietnam who will be responsible for trying to get the new condom - VIP+ in as many Non Traditional Outlets (NTO's) as possible.  These NTO's - hotels, bars, massage parlours, local shops and supermarkets have been

  • Conference Hailed As A Success

    Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 09:08

    Last week's Behaviour Change and Corporate Social Responsibility Academy and Conference has been acclaimed as a success by those who attended.

    The aim of the Conference was to explore how CSR programmes could be made more effective.   

    The event drew a diverse range of participants from the private and public sectors who were all keen to learn more about the ways in which CSR programmes could achieve their social objectives while realising improved returns on investment.

  • How can you encourage households to insulate their lofts when the financial case alone leaves them cold?

  • Patrick Ladbury

    The new paper from the Cabinet Office behavioural insights team is an interesting and welcome read.

  • Early Bird discounts available for Value for Money training

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 16:14

    The NSMC is running a one-day training session on value for money in behaviour change on 23 May 2012. Delegates wishing to take advantage of an early bird discount must book before 2 April 2012.

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