Find out how we used insightful research and social marketing to help a fire authority reduce the risk of accidental fires in homes.

The Problem

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service was concerned that more needed to be done to prevent accidental fires in the home. A number of challenges were identified with the existing home safety programme including outdated household checklists, insufficient interview training for fire officers and a general lack of interest from the public in the safety programme.

What We Did

1. Research

We carried out extensive research with members of the public using interviews and focus groups, as well as key stakeholders. We ensured that our research included the views of a number of traditionally hard-to-reach segments of the public.

2. Insights

We used the results of the research to generate key insights that could be used to improve the quality of the service. For example, the public were adamant that home visits must be carried out by firefighters rather than by advisors.

3. Action

We designed a one day training course for Fire Safety Officers and provided them with an updated checklist more relevant to the modern home. Where necessary, Officers now give out free smoke alarms and extension cords during visits.

What Our Clients Say

  • "The NSMC is at the forefront of social marketing thinking."

    Katherine Wilson

    Communincations Implementation Manager, National Patient Safety Agency

What We Achieved

90% of participtants reported that the visit was 'very helpful' while 90% also reported feeling safer in their homes following the visit.

Following the visits, the number of participants who checked their smoke alarms regularly rose from less than half to 93%, while the number who made an escape plan for their home increased from 69% to 83%. The proportion of participants who unplugged non-essential electrical items at bedtime increased from 52% to 72%.