The NSMC's social marketing online training course offers you the chance to access the expertise of our classroom courses, planning tools and resources, all at a pace, time and place to suit you. 

The online course provides an introduction to social marketing, from basic principles and terminology through to more detailed guidance on how to plan, manage and evaluate your own behaviour change programme. It also offers the chance to gain an accredited qualification. 

If your job includes trying to influence people's behaviour, whether you work in public health or financial services, in a local authority or a company HR department, then this course can help you. 


View the presentation below for sample content from the Introduction to social marketing module. The full version contains sound, video and animations. For more information on the topics covered in each module, download the full e-learning course brochure.

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The modules are available in three options:

Course structure 

The complete course includes seven online modules, accessed via your web browser. These contain videos, animations, scenarios and quizzes with prompts and feedback to reinforce what you have learned. Each module also contains downloadable content such as guides and tools to help you to apply your new knowledge to your work.

Each module should take approximately one hour to complete. At the end of each module there is a multiple choice quiz which will test your understanding and ability to meet the learning outcomes listed at the start of each module. 


After completing the online modules, you can gain The NSMC's Level 4 Social Marketing Award, accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), by passing a one hour multiple choice question assessment. 

The assessment, (purchased separately), needs to be taken under exam conditions and to be independently invigilated in order to meet the CIM’s rigorous standards. Full details on the assessment requirements are provided with course purchase or are available by calling 020 7799 1920.

After completion

We also provide classroom-based social marketing training to take you to the next stage in developing your behaviour change expertise. If you have specific training needs, contact Patrick on 0207 799 1920 or email to find out how we can help you.  

Expertly designed...

This training resource has been expertly designed using a modular approach. Each module is clear, concise and easy to navigate through.

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Tech specs

Our e-learning modules will run on most platforms, but we've put together a brief technical guide to what you'll need to ensure that it will run smoothly.

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