We believe that great solutions come from great strategy, and great strategy from great thinking. 

We work to ensure a clear focus on behaviour change is built into every solution right from the start of strategy and programme design. Why? Because whatever the problem, our experience has shown us that the environments that surround people - whether social, economic or structural – play a huge part in sustaining behaviours – good or bad.

Understanding what motivates and drives individuals, groups and organisations is what we do best. We use deep psychographic research techniques to help clients understand not just ‘what’ (a behaviour) but critically answer the question ‘why?’ (motivation). 

We build strategic solutions for clients by applying an expert understanding of behavioural sciences with practical application of marketing skills and techniques. This enables us to design whole-state ecologies that maximise positive behaviours. 

We help clients to develop genuinely customer-centric policy and strategy while supporting them to evolve and incorporate behavioural dimensions to everything they do.

And then we train people to do it for themselves. And that’s what makes it last.. 

Social marketing strategy - examples

The NSMC carried out a social marketing review for the World Health Organisation Europe to help determine if social marketing could be used to support the development of smoke-free programmes in Turkey and Poland. The report was supported by targeted training workshops for senior public health staff in Ankara and Warsaw. 

The NSMC helped the British Council to design a stakeholder engagement strategy for its social entrepreneurship programme in Eastern Europe.

Talk to us about strategy

Call Patrick on 020 7799 1900 to talk about how the NSMC can provide strategic advice at every stage in your behaviour change programme.

At the forefront...

The NSMC is at the forefront of social marketing thinking.

Katherine Wilson - Senior Communications Implementation Manager, National Patient Safety Agency