From establishing the evidence base for social marketing in the UK, we've been at the forefront of social marketing practice right from the outset.

Here's how we're helping clients deliver behaviour change programmes with impact. 

Programme delivery

At the moment we're:

  • Developing a social marketing intervention to increase uptake of screening in Brighton
  • Developing a mental wellbeing programme with NHS Lambeth.
  • Producing a toolkit for SEGMENT, an EU-funded sustainable travel segmentation project.
  • Producing a Social Marketing Plan to reduce the number of women who smoke while pregnant in Kent

Training and mentoring

At the moment we're: 

  • Training a major environmental organisation in China to plan and deliver social marketing projects
  • Training and mentoring 8 NGOs to develop sustainable environmental social marketing programmes, funded by USAID.
  • Working with Global Action Plan staff on developing a Welsh government-funded environmental project, training and mentoring practitioners, and helping them to develop their own organisational social marketing planning process.
  • Training General Medical Council staff in social marketing. 
  • Training and mentoring staff of a local Change4life project staff in South West Essex.  

Research and evaluation

At the moment we're:

  • Conducting an evaluation of a major WASH programme in Cambodia for SNV Netherlands
  • Carrying out an independent evaluation of the British Lung Foundation's Active programme.
  • Developing a segmentation model for NHS Haringey's current and future men's health programmes. 


At the moment we're:

  • Advising the British Virgin Islands' Ministry of Health on their health and wellbeing strategy, and building social marketing capacity within government departments.
  • Working with RAY, Finland's Lottery Association and largest NGO donor, to align their funding application criteria with social marketing principles, and running training events for staff. 

Learning demonstration sites

The NSMC played a crucial role in establishing the discipline of social marketing in the UK through the Learning demonstration sites scheme, funded by the Department of Health England.  Find out more about the Learning demonstration sites.

Health equity

The most important determinant of whether a person leads a “healthy long life” is not good access to healthcare services or lifestyle issues, but where a person sits on the social scale. The lower a person’s social position, the worse his or her health and the more likely they are to die prematurely. 

The NSMC provided technical input to the Marmot Review of the Social Determinants of Health, and worked with the Department of Health (England) and UCL's Institute of Health Equity to identify ways in which social marketing can be used to address the social determinants of health (SDH).  

Find out more about our work on Health equity, including reports, project case studies and video.

Talk to us

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Inspiring training...

The Social Marketing Summer School provided very thorough training in the basics of social marketing and was just what I needed to get acquainted with the methodology. It was professionally organised and very inspiring.

Julie Huibregtsen - Municipal Health Service, Rotterdam

Improving effectiveness...

The NSMC continues to play an important role in improving the effectiveness of governments' and national organisations' behaviour change programmes.

Mary Newman, Head of clinical strategies, Department of Health