Properly understanding your target audience, who they are and what shapes their actions, is fundamental to successful behaviour change activities.  The NSMC offers a range of research services from mining existing research databases to developing comprehensive primary research programmes.

Understanding what motivates and drives individuals, groups and organisations is what we do best. We use deep psychographic research techniques to help clients understand not just ‘what’ (a behaviour) but critically answer the question ‘why?’ (motivation). 

The NSMC's research services can help you at every stage of planning, implementing and evaluating your social marketing programme. 

Talk to us about how our research can help you:

  • Evaluate policy and review evidence
  • Segment your audience in the ways that will most help your intervention, whether by demographic variables, such as age or location, or psychographic variable like attitudes, values and beliefs
  • Connect with stakeholders to capture their perspectives, and to ensure their buy-in
  • Develop engagement strategies 
  • Generate actionable insights using a range of research methods, such as in-depth individual, paired and focus group interviews, face-to-face survey and online questionnaires
  • Establish baselines and develop evaluation plans to capture learning and measure impact. 

We also provide independent process, outcome, impact and value for money evaluations. 

To find out more about how we can help boost the impact of your future behaviour change programmes, please contact us at

Theory to practice: developing the UK evidence base

The NSMC carried out a three-year research programme (2006-2009), funded by the  Department of Health England, to establish an evidence base for social marketing. Find out more about the Learning demonstration sites

Healthy foundations segmentation model

The NSMC worked in partnership with the Department of Health England to develop a national segmentation model: Healthy Foundations. The aim was to divide up the population of England into meaningful segments by looking at the drivers of behaviour across the six public health priority areas: smoking, obesity, mental health, alcohol, substance abuse and sexual health.

This model was piloted and is now being developed into a tool to help public health professionals understand their audience and develop appropriate interventions.

Talk to us about research

The NSMC can help you with research insight and evaluation for your behaviour change programmes. Call Rowena on 020 7799 1900. 

Improving effectiveness...

The NSMC continues to play an important role in improving the effectiveness of governments' and national organisations' behaviour change programmes.

Mary Newman, Head of clinical strategies, Department of Health


Social Marketing Academy

The NSMC is running its next Social Marketing Award Course on 5th and 6th June at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Headquarters in Cookham. For further details contact Patrick on 0207 799 1920.