Starter for 10 offers a set of flexible teaching and course materials for use in both undergraduate and master's programmes and offers a basic framework on which to build new course materials.

Developed by leading social marketing academics with real-world experience, the resource contains a range of high-quality materials, including:

  • PowerPoint presentations covering the central issues and debates in social marketing
  • Group and individual assignments for students
  • Case studies
  • Further reading and resources
  • Handouts and tutors' notes

Included in the resource:

PDF versions of each of the seven presentations are available to download below. These will consist only of slides and do not include the tutor's notes included in the full versions.

  1. Definitions (Presentation)
  2. Social marketing: the basics (Presentation)
  3. Insight (Presentation)
  4. The 4Ps (Presentation)
  5. Issues in social marketing (Presentation)
  6. Case example 1 (Presentation)
  7. Case example 2 (Presentation)
  8. Road safety debate (Handout)
  9. Assignments (Handout)
  10. Resources (Handout)

Click here to download a more detailed summary of the course content.


The academic ‘Starter for 10' is available to purchase either loaded onto a USB memory stick OR as a full A4 binder pack. Both the memory stick and binder versions include the full set of tutor's notes not available in the free-to-download version.

1. Memory stick


• All materials in electronic format


• £15 (includes postage and packaging within the UK)

For more information or to purchase, please contact

2. Full pack


• Hard copy binder with all materials (including tutors' notes for presentations) printed in full colour, with dividers
• Memory stick, with all materials in electronic format


• All other: £40 (plus postage and packaging)

For more information, or to purchase, please contact


Starter for 10

This resource is designed for professors and lecturers in academic disciplines such as public health, marketing, communication, health and social policy, management and business studies.

"Refreshing and interesting..."

They explain some parts of the social marketing process with a different slant from what you hear in the States, in a way that I find refreshing and interesting. 

Mike Newton-Ward, Social Marketing Panorama