This tool is a first in providing real support to people responsible for delivering social marketing projects. In the current times of NHS efficiency savings demonstrating the costs and benefits of your project will be very valuable. 

Richard Little, Health Economist, University of East Anglia

Alcohol-related hospital admissions have almost doubled in the last decade and are increasing in the UK at a rate of around 70,000 per year. It is estimated that over 5 million men and women aged 35-74 in England are drinking above defined sensible levels (in addition to young bingers).

Higher-risk (or harmful) drinking is defined as men who consume over 50 units of alcohol per week, and 35 for women. The excesses of binge-drinking young people have captured the public (and media’s) imagination. However, evidence suggests that it is typically older drinkers,consuming above the guidelines for a sustained period of time, and who do not present a public order risk, who will suffer alcohol-related illness or death.

Brief interventions have been identified as effective at reducing alcohol consumption among people who drink harmful amounts of alcohol.


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