I have been most impressed by this tool and its development. The NSMC have been extremely thorough in ensuring that a high quality evidence base has been used to inform the calculations. It will give commissioners a detailed picture of the benefits their work has already achieved and can achieve in the future.

Julian Le Grand - Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK but is very treatable if diagnosed early. Currently however, only 9% of patients in the UK are diagnosed at the very earliest stage of the disease.

To improve early diagnosis, the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme began in July 2006. This is being rolled out across the country with the aim of screening all men and women between the ages of 60-69 every two years. From January 2010, 70 to 75 year-olds in England were also formally invited to take part in screening.


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