Advanced Social Marketing Techniques. Three-day Course Washington D.C.

Next Course: May 15th-17th 2023

This course builds upon the knowledge learnt in the Introduction to Social Marketing course to further develop three key skills required for delivering successful behavior change programs:

  • Carrying out insightful primary and secondary research with your target audience to inform the design of you programs.
  • Using insight to develop effective behaviour change interventions which use all the social marketing levers available.
  • Conducting effective monitoring and evaluation of your programs to measure progress and assess their impacts.

Course details:

  • Dates: 15th-17th May 2023
  • Location: Downtown D.C.
  • Advanced Level
  • Course Cost: $1,099

This course is aimed at building upon the key behavior change skills and techniques introduced during the introductory course. Although the introductory course covers a lot of material, by its very nature, it does not have time to cover all the topics in great detail. On completion of this advanced course, participants will have the skills and confidence to conduct effective primary research with their audiences, understand how to develop social marketing interventions (including the pitfalls to avoid) and set up and effective monitoring and evaluation processes for your programs. 

This course is designed for those who already have a good knowledge of social marketing and may even have implemented their own programs.  

Attendance at this course is not dependent upon previously completing the NSMC's Three-day Introduction to Social Marketing course but we recommend that you refer to our web page for this course to check you are aware of the key concepts covered in it. You can reach this page by clicking here.

The cost of the three-day training course is $1,099.

We will seek payment just prior to the course. In the meantime, please contact John Landels on to express your interest in attending. 

Course Directors

John Bromley is a founding Director of The NSMC and has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour change programs, including the first major public health behavior change program in the UK. John is also an experienced trainer and has participated in all our previous Booz Allen training courses.

John Landels is an experienced social marketing practitioner and trainer who has worked for the NSMC since 2014. John currently delivers a range of behavior training courses, including one for the International Social Marketing Association. John has worked with John Bromley on delivering the three-day introductory course in Washington on several occasions, including the last event in 2019. 


Like our acclaimed three-day Introduction to Social Marketing Course, this course is intense but also highly interactive - don't expect to be just sitting around reading PowerPoint slides. We will spend a lot of time looking at case studies and using a range of interactive activities to reinforce your learning. 

The course will cover three main topics:

  • Advanced research techniques for generating insight about your target audience and to inform the design of your behavior change programs, including developing a primary research plan, writing effective qualitative topic guides and turning data into useful insight. 
  • Conducting effective monitoring and evaluation of your program to measure progress, assess its impact and ensure continuous improvement in your programs, including understanding the value of evaluation and monitoring, identifying the key evaluation questions that need answering and creating a baseline to measure the success of your program.
  • Developing effective behavior change programs, including gaining internal buy-in for using the social marketing approach, the importance of stakeholder engagement, co-production techniques, and using a range of social marketing levers to achieve your behavioral goals.

Although this course is not accredited by the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, you will sit a short written assessment to check you understanding of the concepts covered. On the successful completion of this assessment, you will gain a certificate from the NSMC.

How to book

The cost of the three-day training course is $1,099 and this includes the cost of sitting the end-of-course assessment and the CIM accreditation process. 

We will seek payment just prior to the course. In the meantime, please contact John Landels on to express your interest in attending. 

What Our Clients Say

  • "I found this course really insightful and learned so much about social marketing that I can apply immediately to my own work."


    Advanced Course Participant, Washington D.C.