Breastfeeding Stars

The only time that I recall some of our most successful projects is when I am training and I am using one of a past social marketing interventions to explain or demonstrate a core concept.  One of the most innovative projects of the last decade was the "Be a star" breastfeeding programme.  Based in Lancashire and in partnership with the Little Angels breastfeeding peer support organisation and The Hub, the programme promotes breastfeeding amongst 16- to 25-year-old mothers. 

NSMC Delivers new Social Marketing Strategy for MSF South Africa

We have almost completed a new social marketing strategy for Medecins sans Frrontieres in Rustenburg South Africa.  The project's aim was to increase the number of women who had suffered gender based violence to access new medical and counseling care centers setup close to the towns of the mining belt close to Rustenburg in South Africa.

Tackling the supply of alcohol to young people in Hastings

In April, The NSMC launched a campaign in Hastings aimed at parents of teenage children. The campaign highlighted the negative impact alcohol can have on a teenager child’s brain development and ran with the slogan: Your child and alcohol. Think Again Now.

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