Read about our research into attitudes to the Covid-19 vaccine in Luton in order to maximise its uptake by the local community.

The Challenge

In Luton, levels of uptake of vaccines such as the adult flu vaccine are below the English average. At the end of 2020, the local Public Health team commissioned the NSMC to understand the community's attitudes to the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine in order to ensure that its uptake is maximised. 

What We Did


We recruited a range of participants from the diverse Luton population and due to Covid-19 restrictions conducted in-depth telephone interviews rather than face-to-face interviews or focus groups. In the interviews we explored a range of Covid-19 issues including participant's experience of the pandemic, their attitudes to the vaccine and their likelihood of receiving it when offered. 


We analysed the results of the research to develop actionable insight for the client. In particular we identified three distinct segments in the community, based on their willingness to receive the vaccine. Our research demonstrated that each of these segments have specific information requirements that need to be addressed to ensure high levels of vaccine uptake. 


For each of the segments we identified, we provided the client with advice on how the barriers they face in receiving the vaccine could be reduced. This included the key messages that need to be communcated and the most appropriate communication channels for each segment. In addition, we developed sample communication materials for use in future campaigns. 

What Our Clients Say

  • "We are delighted with the NSMC's research into Covid-19 vaccine uptake. Despite the very tight deadline for the work, the results were both high quality and insightful."

    Suliman Rafiq

    Senior Public Health Manager, Luton Public Health & Wellbeing Team