Reducing the barriers to literacy in Hastings

The NMSC is part of the consortium delivering the  ‘Read Your Way’ project which is working to improve literacy amongst young people in Hastings. 

Meet Percy the Pirate Seagull: Boosting School Attendance in Hastings

The NSMC has been working with the Hastings Opportunity Area to improve school attendance levels in the town.

When we spoke with parents in Hastings, many of them told us that they were unclear about the guidelines around when children should come to school with minor illnesses such coughs and colds. This uncertaintly results in a significant number of pupils needlessly missing school.

Jordan renewable energy project powers on!

The NSMC has been working with the King Hussain Foundation in Jordan to increase the number of people using renewable energy and energy efficient products.  Over the last year we have carried out marketing workshops with local euntrepreneurs in locations across Jordan to help them market their renewable energy products more effectively.  We have also held a number of energy days where local people have been able to see and try out new energy products for their homes and businesses.

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