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The NSMC offers a range of research activities from mining existing research databases to developing comprehensive primary research programmes and evaluating existing social marketing programmes.

Understanding what motivates and drives individuals, groups and organisations is what we do best. We use deep psychographic research techniques to help clients understand not just the 'what' (a behaviour) but also critically answer the question 'why' (motivation). Click here to read about our recent research with users of Accident & Emergency departments in England. 

We are renowned for our ability to generate actionable insights and segment audiences in ways that help our clients to develop effective interventions. We are also highly experienced at connecting with stakeholders, capturing their perspectives and gaining their buy-in. Click here to listen to our Head of Research explain the importance of good quality research in social marketing.

We also provide independent evaluations of social marketing projects. We believe that it is essential that every social marketing project is independently evaluated and that is why we include 'evaluation' as one of the six key stages of our social marketing planning process.


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Benefits for Your Organisation

Whether it is primary research and secondary research at the start of your project or evaluation at the end, we will deliver you high quality research that not only answers the 'what' questions, but also the 'why' questions. 

We offer all types of research methods, including on-line surveys, telephone and face-to-face interviews and focus groups. We are particulary skilled at carrying out research with hard-to-reach audiences. 

What Our Clients Say

  • "The NSMC's recent research into A&E attendance was well planned, well delivered and highly insightful. This is a highly sensitive research topic and we are delighted with the NSMC's work." 

    Emma Baxter

    Urgent Care Manager, NHS East Sussex CCG

  • "We are delighted with the NSMC's research into Covid-19 vaccine uptake. Despite the very tight deadline for the work, the results were both high quality and insightful."

    Suliman Rafiq

    Senior Public Health Manager, Luton Public Health & Wellbeing Team