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We believe that great solutions come from great strategy, and great strategy from great thinking. We have used this thinking to develop a wide range of social marketing programmes for a diverse range of clients, worldwide.

Our goal is always to help you achieve yours: lasting, behavioural change. The six stage programme planning process that we developed for the Learning Demonstration Site programme is now used by nearly all other social marketing agenices. We have put this process into practice with a wide variety of clients including the US Agency for International Development, the Department of Health in England, many NHS organisations in England and Scotland, the Hong Kong Department of Health and a large number of local authorities in the UK.

Although we are best known for working on public health projects such as reducing smoking or tackling obesity, we have also used social marketing to tackle a wide range of other issues. These include encouraging mothers to breastfeed, tackling environmental challenges and improving fire safety.

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Benefits for Your Organisation

The NSMC has been at the forefront of social marketing practice right from the beginning. From start to finish, our world-leading expertise will guide your strategy and engage your stakeholders to produce powerful and sustainable results. Creative and cost-effective, we can help you think smartly about your audience and design and implement projects that really meet their needs. 

What Our Clients Say

  • "The NSMC piloted and delivered the innovative Safe Space service to a consistently high standard. We are delighted with the performance of the NSMC team and the outstanding results of the service."

    Richard Watson

    Assistant Head of Health, Wellbeing and Partnership, Sussex NHS Commissioners

  • "It was a real pleasure working with the NSMC team on the delivery of the Abu Dhabi Healthy Eating Strategy. Their knowledge of effective research methods and behaviour change was invaluable to the successful delivery of this commission."

    Mike Davis

    Regional Director, Middle East, CSM Sport & Entertainment