Dr. Rowena Merritt

Head of Research
+44 (0)788 8849617

Rowena is the Head of Research at The NSMC, affiliate Professor at the University of South Florida and a Research Fellow at the University of Kent. Rowena has nearly 15 years of experience conducting research and evaluating behaviour change projects.

In her position at The NSMC, Rowena managed England's first multi-trial application of social marketing involving ten learning demonstration sites across England, each focused on a different topic or audience. Dr Merritt also worked with national stakeholders to manage the implementation of the Department of Health's national social marketing strategy.

Rowena's recent work includes the development of an obesity and tobacco use control strategy on St Helena and a range of projects with English Fire and Rescue Services. Rowena has led our recent work with a charity to discourage volunteering at for-profit orphanages in parts of the developing world. 

Rowena' s Doctorate, gained in 2006, explores the use of social marketing techniques to improve clinical outcomes for depressed patients.

Rowena will be on a career break from the NSMC during 2022.