Understanding Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

The NSMC is currently researching the issue of Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in the East of England.

We are delighted that the client has chosen a social marketing approach to understanding and tackling this challenge as a traditional ‘expert-led’ approach is unlikely to be successful.

UK Social Marketing Conference:14th September 2017

The first UK Social Marketing Conference in ten years will be held in London on the 14th September, 2017 at the Queen Mary University of London.

Ten years after the creation of the National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) in the UK, the conference will reflect on the successes (and challenges) of the last decade and plot a positive future direction for the discipline.

NSMC trains health promoters in Rustenburg South Africa

The NSMC has now spent over two weeks working with Doctors Without Borders in South Africa to train their health promotion workers to interview women who have been the victim of gender based violence.  The aim of the project is to get more women who have been abused into dedicated clinic's set-up by MSF and the Department of Health in and around Rustenburg.  We are hoping these interviews with people in the target population will provide us with enough insight to develop a fully fledged social marketing programme.

Going plastic-free for 2017: a social marketing experiment

Our colleague at The NSMC - Dr Rowena Merritt - is attempting to go plastic-free for the whole of 2017. Read her first blog on her experience below:

Rowena writes:

Have you ever thought about how much plastic you throw away each week? Maybe this thought crosses your mind when you look at your overflowing recycling bin, or maybe it is not something you have thought about before.

Why is behaviour change so difficult?

To coincide with the launch of our new website, I was asked to write a blog around the topic of why behaviour change is so difficult. My response was “I would love to”, and ideas immediately started running through my head about what I could write …until I got another email.