The only time that I recall some of our most successful projects is when I am training and I am using one of a past social marketing interventions to explain or demonstrate a core concept.  One of the most innovative projects of the last decade was the "Be a star" breastfeeding programme.  Based in Lancashire and in partnership with the Little Angels breastfeeding peer support organisation and The Hub, the programme promotes breastfeeding amongst 16- to 25-year-old mothers. 

It does this by celebrating mothers who breastfeed as ‘Stars’ and supporting them through the breastfeeding process, via peer support and improving understanding and acceptance of breastfeeding within the community. Local breastfeeding mums are transformed to look like models, celebrities, singers and actresses, and star in a campaign to make breastfeeding glamorous, sexy and appealing to the target audience.  "Be a star"increased breastfeeding initiation rates by 10% and was rolled out to 14 other areas across England.  To learn more about the project on our shared learning site Showcase click here.