What is it?

Process evaluation looks at whether the intervention worked as planned. Here you are concerned with how it was implemented and functioned.

Why do this?

  • This is a vial element in social marketing. Without it, you will be able to assess outcomes, but not how they were achieved. You will need this information to have a fuller picture about why the intervention has been successful or not. More >

How might you do this?

  • Think about, and take account of, the context (the social, cultural, political, and economic environment) in which the intervention has been delivered, as this will have a bearing on what you have been able to achieve. More >
  • Include awareness (or ‘reach’) as one of your measures of effectiveness, because if customers are not aware of your intervention, there is little chance of things changing
  • Consider how much (or ‘dose’) of what you are delivering the target audience will receive. More >
  • Take account of the possibility of some ‘project drift’: where the intervention has moved to some degree from key objectives. More >


  • Strong project management is required to keep the implementation process on track and avoid project drift, particularly where there are many players involved in delivery


  • Monitoring data that will allow you to assess if the intervention is on track and if not, where you might be able to refine and strengthen it

Intended Outcome

  • Corrective actions that can be made during the implementation process, and an understanding of how to deliver a similar intervention better in future