Full catalogue of tools

This section provides you with an index of all tools currently available for each phase of planning process. These will be continually refined as this guide evolves. If you have any useful feedback or additional tools that would add to the list here and be of value to others please let us know via our feedback link.

Getting Started

Describe the issue and why it’s important

Starting to plan

Assess risk

Review resources available

Plan a timeline


Set up a steering group

Stakeholder engagement

Identify available sources of information

Reviewing existing knowledge and current practice

Review internal and external factors

Choose who to target

Identify what moves and motivates your audience

Understand why people behave the way they do

Conduct competition analysis

Conduct exchange analysis

Define behavioural goals and objectives

Identify intervention options

Write a scoping report


Further team and stakeholder development

Develop the intervention and marketing mix

Develop your product or service

Finalise behavioural goals for each target audience

Develop the evaluation plan

Prepare a social marketing plan


Prepare for the intervention launch

Monitor and evaluate the process


Evaluation design

Conduct process evaluation

Conduct outcome evaluation

Write the evaluation report

Follow up

Forward planning

Communicate the findings