What is it?

A group of people who will work with and support you for the duration of the social marketing process. More >

Why do this?

The group will have the knowledge to understand the marketplace and what is required, the expertise to implement your proposals (or tap in to external resources when required), the ability to see, and therefore avoid, potential pitfalls and, perhaps most importantly, the energy and enthusiasm to ensure that whatever needs to be done, will be accomplished.

How might you do this?

  • First decide what skills and experience you need and then try and identify a selected group of people who have the skills and experience and will work with, and support you, for all or part of the process. More >
  • Be prepared to bring in additional help to supplement steering group experience if required. More >
  • Invite prospective steering group members to a briefing where you present the issue you are addressing and explain the social marketing process. More >
  • Manage group processes to make sure that the scoping phase and the entire programme are completed on time. More >


  • It is advisable to keep the steering group reasonably small (between five and six people).
  • Involve people who can invest the necessary time.
  • Try to get a diverse range of skills involved, which means avoiding people with similar skills or backgrounds.
  • At an early meeting, try and develop a clear project plan, outline a working budget, and set guide timescales.


  • Key players identified and recruited to commit the necessary time and effort.

Intended Outcome

  • A steering group with a clear understanding of their individual roles and responsibilities.
  • An effectively functioning steering group with processes for shared understanding, decision making and conflict resolution.