What is it?

A summary of the research results and insight gathering that presents the conclusions drawn in relation to the target audience, the behaviour changes that you aim to effect and the rationale for the intervention recommended.

Why do this?

It will enable all those involved to understand the research informing the intervention and to see clearly which options have been selected to feed into the development stage. It also serves as a planning tool for the development stage.

How might you do this?

Prepare a draft and distribute it to stakeholders and other decision makers, inviting them to comment on, amend, or verify any of your conclusions.

Make the necessary adjustments and distribute the finished report to your steering group and all major stakeholders.

If you feel that you have to challenge or find it difficult to accommodate feedback from a particular group or individual, possibly because it is irrelevant or promotes a self interest at the expense of the wider project, be open about how you propose to deal with it.


Try and ensure that your report is written in straight-forward and readily understandable language. More >


A scoping report.

Intended Outcome

A rationale and blueprint for the development stage that all key parties can understand.