As you plan ahead with a view to developing an intervention that is ready for implementation, you need to ensure that you have a team in place with the right people, skills and partners involved.

Key stakeholders need to be aware of developments so that they are able to support the project. This means making sure that everyone vital to further development is up to speed, that the overall plan has been shared with the main stakeholders and that the key players know what is expected of them.

As your plans start to take firm shape, it may be useful to re-run some of the stakeholder mapping and analysis that you carried out during scoping. It is important to be clear on how stakeholders will relate to the mix of activities that you envisage.

You may also want external partners to be involved in developing and delivering your intervention. A Good Practice Guide To Creating Healthy Partnerships is under development and will be available soon. It will offer full guidance on engaging and working with external partners.

This task area links partly to NSMC Benchmark Criteria No. 8 Methods Mix. It emphasises the need to identify a mix of methods covering both strategic and operational social marketing.