Because the consumer should always be at the centre of the social marketing process, you should pre-test the intervention with the target audience as thoroughly as possible to assess the likely impact on behaviour. In addition to testing with the final customer, you may also need to test with other key stakeholders, such as front line staff responsible for service delivery.

A number of intervention possibilities can be tested to see which are the most effective and well received by the audience. There are a number of things that should be pre-tested in addition to any materials produced: such as new or improved products and services; policies; concepts; key messages; settings and distribution channels.

Testing allows the intervention to be refined or changed if required. Because this is a repeating process, it may take several refinements of the intervention before it is ready to be launched.

This task area links partly to two NSMC Benchmark Criteria, including No. 2 Behaviour, which emphasises a clear focus on behaviour; and No. 8 Methods Mix which emphasises a mix of methods for an effective intervention.