Before developing your intervention proposals, it may be appropriate to revisit and (if required) finalise the behavioural goals. This is to ensure that proposed actions are rooted in a rounded behavioural analysis and understanding of the audience/s.

You are then in a position to develop the product or service that you want the audience to engage with, including setting out the ideal ‘customer journey’ that you envisage.

It is likely that your intervention will involve a mix of methods. It may include activities that will inform, educate or service the target audience, and measures concerning design and control (that is, the intervention mix).

Most interventions will set out how a valued product or service will be offered to the audience at an attractive price, in an accessible place and promoted in an engaging way (the marketing mix).

It is important to check that you have drawn on appropriate research and behavioural and marketing theory to help reach your recommendations.

This task area links to a number of NSMC Benchmark Criteria, including No. 2 Behaviour, which talks about having a clear focus on behaviour, based on strong behavioural analysis, with specific behavioural goals; No. 3 Theory, which discusses ensuring the intervention focuses action on what moves and motivates the audience; and No. 8 Methods Mix which recognises the need to identify a mix of methods covering both strategic and operational social marketing.