What is it?

Developing a valued product or service with which you want the audience to engage. More >

Why do this?

A social marketing intervention needs to offer the target audience something that will attract them to engage in the desired behaviour change. More >

How might you do this?

In the light of the scoping work, and focusing on the ‘actionable insights’ gathered as to what will move and motivate the target audience/s, consider what the underlying or core benefits (your proposition) that you want the customer to receive. More >

Then consider whether or not you can change or refine existing services or products in order to make them attractive to the customer, or whether a new product or service is required. More >


Check that you have explored whether the target audience feel that a certain product or service would help them achieve the change they desire.

During scoping you should have tried to identify existing services and provided some insight into why they are not being used to capacity.

Note that it is often far more economical to improve an existing service than develop a new one.


A clearly defined description of the product or service that you are recommending.

Intended Outcome

A product or service that will be valued by the target audience, that will support the desired behaviour change.