What is it?

This is the comprehensive plan or blueprint for the intervention that sets out what will be implemented and how it will be evaluated.

Why do this?

The plan is there to guide the implementation process and to share with your key supporters and stakeholders so that they will be able to clearly understand what you are setting out to do, why it is important and the rationale for it. It will set out what you hope to achieve, the activities that will be involved, the resources required, timescale, and how you will monitor and evaluate success.

How might you do this?

Draw selectively from earlier documentation that has been prepared, such as the scoping report. Summarise salient points from this (key insight) and bring it together with the output from key stages in the development phase to create a comprehensive but accessible written plan.


  • Stick to a clear template for your plan.
  • While it is often sensible to have one person to lead and take ownership of the plan’s preparation, ensure that the key players are there to provide support along the way.
  • Leave time to review, discuss and revise.


  • A written social marketing plan.

Intended Outcome

  • A plan that can now be implemented.